Cannabis may help chemo patients

Cannabis may help chemo patients

A compound from cannabis could be developed into promising anti-nausea treatments for cancer patients on chemotherapy, suggests a new research paper by University of Guelph scientists. The study is the first to show the specific trigger for nausea – a common symptom of many diseases and a distressing side effect of chemotherapy that is not

How scientist Mike Dixon is using space technology to combat food scarcity on Earth

University of Guelph scientist Mike Dixon grows food in barren places

Prof. Mike Dixon, School of Environmental Sciences, is an expert at growing food in places where food has never been grown before. Whether it’s mimicking the harsh environment of Mars or the extreme temperatures of Canada’s Far North and the Middle East, Dixon’s research — which employs cutting-edge LED lighting and space technologies — could

Homeless youth with pets less depressed, less likely to use drugs

Homeless youth and pets

A new study led by researchers at the Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) shows that homeless youth with pets are less likely to engage in potentially harmful behaviour, are three times less likely to be depressed and are more likely to open up to veterinarians about their personal challenges.