Colour it in: U of G’s McLaughlin Library

University of Guelph McLaughlin Library by Daniel Rotsztain

Artist and geographer Daniel Rotsztain, a master of landscape architecture student, filled much of his free time last year on a personal quest: to draw each of Toronto’s 100 public libraries. Travelling across the city by bus, bicycle, streetcar and train, he sketched each library branch over the course of two months. His collection, which

Food Science Building, 1:30 p.m. on Feb. 2, 2016

Renaissance collectors accumulated their treasures in rooms called cabinets of curiosities. Today, Prof. Massimo Marcone’s office in U of G’s Food Science Building is a wunderkammer whose collections reflect his world travels in search of exotic edibles — and light bulbs. Arrayed on glass shelves, dozens of bell jars display unusual delicacies and associated paraphernalia