How to serve the best campus food in Canada

Mark Kenny sources goods to serve staff, students and faculty fresh and local food at the University of Guelph

If you order a burger at the popular 100 Mile Grille food outlet in the University of Guelph’s Creelman dining hall, Mark Kenny can tell you exactly where all its parts come from: the meat is procured from local farmers and formed into patties at the University’s own meat processing facility; seasonal tomatoes and onions

How scientist Mike Dixon is using space technology to combat food scarcity on Earth

University of Guelph scientist Mike Dixon grows food in barren places

Prof. Mike Dixon, School of Environmental Sciences, is an expert at growing food in places where food has never been grown before. Whether it’s mimicking the harsh environment of Mars or the extreme temperatures of Canada’s Far North and the Middle East, Dixon’s research — which employs cutting-edge LED lighting and space technologies — could