Food faceoff: sports nutritionist Jennifer Sygo weighs in on why a balanced meal plan always scores higher than the latest diet fad

Sports nutritionist Jennifer Sygo, food fact or fiction.
Story by Susan Bubak | Photography by Jennifer Roberts [dropcap]Y[/dropcap]ou are what you eat — that’s especially true of professional athletes whose success depends on what they consume before, during and after each game. As the sports nutritionist for the Toronto Maple Leafs, Jennifer Sygo is part of the team behind the team that keeps

From Star Wars to the science of sleep, first-year seminars offer a unique learning experience for students and instructors

By Andrew Vowles | Illustration by Cai Sepulis [dropcap]When[/dropcap] Kailey Morin looked into Guelph’s first-year seminar program as an undergrad, she wasn’t looking to change her life or career goals. She was initially attracted to the descriptions in the course calendar, including her ultimate class choice, “Rags Seldom Turn to Riches,” a seminar course on