U of G Grad Aims to Document Human Rights for Down Syndrome in Central Asia

Smiling woman with camera

Four years ago, U of G graduate and award-winning photojournalist Vanessa Tignanelli packed up her camera equipment and headed for West Africa on her inaugural volunteer assignment for Photographers Without Borders (PWB). In Gambia, she captured numerous photos of people for the Ageing with a Smile Initiative community foundation, which aims to draw attention to

The Physics of Wildfire: Grad Leads Fire Attack in B.C.

A University of Guelph grad leading the fight against wildfires in southern British Columbia is finding that his physics degree has come in handy. In recent years, Bryce Moreira’s job as aviation specialist with the Kamloops Fire Centre has been intensely demanding, given the highly combustible conditions in B.C.’s forests. But Moreira, 29, says he