Many pet owners keen to have vegan pets

vegan pets

A surprising number of pet owners, particularly those who are vegan, are interested in feeding their pets a plant-based diet, according to new University of Guelph research. Researchers with U of G’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) along with colleagues in New Zealand surveyed 3,673 dog and cat owners from around the world to learn what

Wildfires turning boreal forests from carbon sinks to carbon sources


Bigger, hotter wildfires are turning Canada’s vast boreal forest into a significant new source of climate-changing greenhouse gases. The shift, which may have already happened, could force firefighters to change how they battle northern blazes, says Merritt Turetsky, an ecologist at the University of Guelph and co-author of a recent study that appeared in Nature.

Meat-eating plant discovered in Ontario

Call it the “Little Bog of Horrors.” In what is believed to be a first for North America, biologists at U of G have discovered meat-eating pitcher plants in Ontario’s Algonquin Park wetlands. The plants consume not just bugs but also young salamanders. Prof. Alex Smith, Department of Integrative Biology, calls the finding an “unexpected

Cats getting fatter: Study

Fat Cat

Are cats getting fatter? Until now, pet owners and veterinarians didn’t know for sure. Now researchers at the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) have discovered most cats continue to put on weight as they age, and their average weight is on the rise. Their findings were published in the Journal of the American

Tiny radio transmitters provide insect migration clues

Samantha Knight

Wind and warmth can improve travel time for the billions of insects worldwide that migrate each year, according to a first-ever radio-tracking study by University of Guelph biologists. Researchers equipped monarch butterflies and green darner dragonflies with radio transmitters and tracked them through southern Ontario and several northern states. They wanted to learn how environmental

U of G technology helping reduce air pollution

U of G technology helping to reduce air pollution

A University of Guelph innovation may hold the secret to cleaning up harmful highway smog and industrial pollutants. Engineering professor Bill Van Heyst and his research team worked with the company EnvisionSQ on a series of patented SmogStop barriers that were installed along a stretch of Highway 401 in Toronto. Monitoring the barriers for eight

Education helps close gender pay gap

Having a PhD on your résumé is key to closing the gender pay gap, according to new University of Guelph research. In a first-ever study, researchers found the higher the level of education upon graduation, the smaller the gender pay gap. The study, published in the journal Higher Education Policy, revealed the average wage for

Why do heart failure patients suffer depression, impaired thinking?

A new study by University of Guelph researchers explains why heart failure patients often have trouble with thinking and depression. “Neurosurgeons always look in the brain; cardiologists always look in the heart. This new study looked at both,” says Tami Martino, a professor in U of G’s Department of Biomedical Sciences and director of the Centre for