Training for a big race or personal best? Don’t overdo it

Alexandra Coates

Many recreational triathletes and runners often ramp up their training in hopes of getting a personal best or winning a race. But new research from the University of Guelph demonstrates that more isn’t always better. Overload training may alter firing in the body’s sympathetic nerve fibres, which could hinder performance. “The theory behind overload training

North American diets require more land than we have

Tractor in field

If the global population adopted recommended North American dietary guidelines, there wouldn’t be enough land to provide the food required, according to a new study co-authored by University of Guelph researchers. Global adherence to United States Department of Agriculture guidelines would require one giga-hectare of additional land—roughly the size of Canada—under current farming practice. “It

Geckos May Hold Key to Human Spinal Cord Repair

Under threat, a gecko can detach its tail, distracting a predator and enabling the lizard to hightail it to safety. In about 30 days, the tail grows back – a feat of tissue regeneration that could hold clues for repairing spinal cord injuries in humans, according to Ontario Veterinary College professor Matthew Vickaryous. Vickaryous discovered