3-D printing research opens new possibilities

3D printed skull

When the Ontario Veterinary College’s Michelle Oblak used a 3-D printed custom titanium plate for surgery on a dog’s skull, the procedure not only marked a veterinary first in North America, but it also signalled a potential new breakthrough in cancer research. Along with Cornell University small-animal surgeon Galina Hayes, Oblak removed a large cancerous

Student entrepreneurs score backing from Dragons’ Den investor

Student entrepreneurs score backing from Dragons’ Den investor

If you only knew what lurked under the grill of your prized barbecue, you would make much more of an effort to keep it clean – or hire someone to clean it for you. Enter the Canadian BBQ Boys, a business started by U of G students Matt McCoy and Michael Sutton. After their first

Remembering former president Winegard

Remembering former president Winegard

One of the University of Guelph’s founding presidents, William “Bill” Winegard died Jan. 31 at the age of 94. Hundreds of people attended a celebration of life service held on campus April 6 in War Memorial Hall. “Bill Winegard played a pivotal role in helping U of G become the institution that it is today,”

Plant-based ‘meat’ aimed at meat-lovers

Plant-based 'meat' aimed at meat-lovers

A University of Guelph engineering professor is on a quest to give meat-lovers the textures they savour in beef, chicken or fish while retaining the human and environmental health benefits associated with eating plants. Mario Martinez’s research project was one of eight international plant-based meat initiatives chosen to receive funding by the Good Food Institute,

‘Wonder pig’ inspires $650,000 campaign for giant veterinary scanner

Esther the Wonder Pig

Esther the Wonder Pig, the real-life star of a hit children’s book and one of the most beloved and famous pigs on Earth, is making a very large contribution to the University of Guelph’s Ontario Veterinary College (OVC). The porcine celebrity, and Steve Jenkins and Derek Walter, who rescued her as a tiny piglet and

U of G gets $25 million for water and energy conservation

The University of Guelph has received $25 million from the Ontario government to support its ongoing energy and water conservation efforts. The money comes from the province’s greenhouse gas campus retrofits program within its larger climate change action plan. Plans include upgrading and expanding the heat recovery system, installing real-time energy monitoring meters and a