Fighting fire with physics

Fighting fire with physics

Bryce Moreira’s University of Guelph physics degree made him a leader in the fight against wildfires in southern British Columbia. An aviation specialist with Kamloops Fire Centre, Moreira crafts firefighting strategies using his knowledge of physics and math. In recent years, with longer, hotter and drier fire seasons in the province’s forests, his job has

Lawyer turned ‘Doctor’

David Hoselton on set

David Hoselton’s law degree didn’t make him a lawyer. But it definitely made him a better writer. “If you’re asking me why I took four and a half years of my life and flushed it down the toilet, it was because I thought all lawyers were literally like Perry Mason,” says the 1997 bachelor of

At the helm

Shauneen Bruder

U of G grad named Board of Governors chair Whenever Shauneen Bruder sets foot on the University of Guelph campus, it is like coming home to the place where her love of learning first had free rein. It is a seminal place in the life of the U of G alumna, who was appointed chair

Coming full circle

From OAC student to international banker, Bill Brock traces path to success “A day for a celebration”: That’s what Bill Brock calls the day in 1958 when he graduated from the Ontario Agricultural College (OAC), one of the founding colleges of the University of Guelph. He was among the first in his family to attend