Grad Becomes a Science Journalist Star

Podcaster Arielle Duhaime-Ross studied science at the University of Guelph, but being a scientist didn’t quite suit her temperament, the zoology grad said in a recent article.

One research project — observing nocturnal salamanders in a dark, cold laboratory — made her realize that the patient and specialized work of a scientist was not for her. Her attention span was too short.  

“I do not do well in long periods of time in the dark around midnight hanging out with these salamanders,” Duhaime-Ross told

Instead, she turned her knowledge of science into a career as a science journalist. She is currently the host of the new tech podcast Reset from Recode by Vox. 

Duhaime-Ross graduated from U of G in 2012 and completed a master’s degree in science, health and environmental reporting at New York University.

She has won the 2019 Science in Society Journalism Awards in the science features category.