Former Politician Now Environmental Consultant

U of G grad and former mayor of Guelph Karen Farbridge was the subject of a recent feature story in Farbridge said she was pleased to see climate change and energy policy among the main issues of the federal election campaign.

“I think the impacts of climate change are becoming more real to everybody every day,” Farbridge told the publication. “The science 30 years ago was not much different than it is today, but the impacts were not as far along. People are feeling and seeing that more today than they were 30 years ago.”

After her departure from the mayor’s office in 2014, Farbridge established the environmental consultancy firm Karen Farbridge & Associates. She works with communities to help them formulate greenhouse gas emission goals and other environmental initiatives.

“I am fortunate because I get to work in the areas that have been my passion all my life,” she said.

Farbridge was just three-years-old when her family moved to Toronto from England. Her father was an aeronautical engineer. She came to U of G in 1979 to study biology, going on to earn a B.Sc, an M.Sc and a PhD.