Prof investigating global impact of #MeToo movement

University of Guelph Prof. Candace Johnson is investigating various forms taken by the #MeToo movement, each with its own message pertinent to local issues facing women around the globe.

“It has begun to measure and therefore make visible women’s experiences of harassment and abuse, and it has inspired action around the globe to respond to the growing evidence of gender injustice,” Johnson says.

Germany, Italy, France and Denmark are among countries that have taken up the global #MeToo movement. Others, such as Argentina, have started their own movements.

Johnson and researcher Ana María Méndez Dardón are comparing the #NiUnaMenos movement begun in Argentina with #MeToo.

“The #MeToo movement, as well as the other movements that have grown from it, is a cultural reckoning that will hopefully result in significant changes,” Johnson says.