Vaccarino Reappointed President

Franco Vaccarino has been reappointed as president of the University of Guelph.

“President Vaccarino’s first term has been filled with many successes,” says Kevin Golding, chair of the University’s Board of Governors.

Golding added that “there is enthusiasm among faculty, students and staff, as well as government and external stakeholders, for U of G and the role it can play in Canada and beyond in teaching, learning and innovation.”

The Board approved the reappointment following a unanimous recommendation by a presidential review committee, extending Vaccarino’s tenure until June 2024.

First appointed to a five-year term in 2014, Vaccarino is U of G’s eighth president.

“I’m gratified to be able to continue promoting the important work being done at this world-class institution, including finding solutions to such key challenges as feeding our growing population in sustainable ways. Collectively, we have an opportunity to make a real difference for people here at home and abroad,” Vaccarino says.

During the review process, Vaccarino’s aspirational leadership approach and energy, and his engagement with the U of G community as well as donors and University partners, were noted.

He was also praised for developing the University’s strategic framework, strengthening the executive team, exceeding advancement targets, promoting economic development initiatives and guiding internationalization efforts.

Before joining U of G, Vaccarino was principal of the University of Toronto Scarborough and vice-president of the University of Toronto. He chaired U of T’s Department of Psychology and led the Department of Psychiatry’s neuroscience program.