Dog Picked Up a Tick? Report It Online

A University of Guelph professor has created a new online reporting system to help scientists, veterinarians and pet owners track ticks.

Pet Tick Tracker, created by biomedical sciences professor Scott Weese, allows pet owners and veterinarians to enter information about ticks found on dogs, cats, horses and other domestic animals.

Users may share such details as location, numbers and tick type, as well as photos.

Weese says dogs make good sentinels as they explore tall grass and wooded areas frequented by humans.

Knowing where ticks are spreading or emerging helps determine preventive measures for animals and humans, Weese says. The data will also guide future research, and is shared with provincial health officials.

Since its launch in May, the Tick Tracker has garnered about 2,000 reports — roughly 90 per cent from Ontario.

Pet Tick Tracker is online at: