U of G recognized for energy efficiency

Energy savings with thermal enery tank at the University of Guelph.

U of G’s leadership in energy conservation and sustainability has been recognized with a $5.8-million energy-saving incentive from the provincial government’s Save On Energy program. The funding rewards projects that reduce energy consumption.

The University will use the funds to offset construction costs of its $15-million thermal energy storage system, the only one of its kind in Ontario.

The thermal energy storage system works like a giant battery. The system chills water at night when energy costs are lower, reducing demands on the provincial power grid.

Chilled water is piped to the central utilities plant to cool campus facilities during warm daytime hours, and is returned to a giant water tank for nighttime cooling. The 30-metre-tall tank holds 22 million litres of water.

Since becoming operational this past summer, the facility has reduced U of G’s energy bill by about $2.5 million, in addition to supporting Ontario’s goal of a cleaner and more renewable energy supply.