Toward a more sustainable future

President Vaccarino

It’s among the most pressing challenges of our time. How to ensure environmental sustainability and mitigate our human impact on this planet? Environmental sustainability is in this institution’s DNA. From our founding colleges to today’s campuses, wise resource stewardship has been a constant in our research and teaching. Experts here study everything from the effects

‘Adaptable Minds’ Key to Improve Life

President Vaccarino

In the film The Martian, Matt Damon’s astronaut character improvises to survive, including adapting his botany smarts to grow food on the red planet while awaiting rescue. The movie is about the adaptability of the human spirit – a favourite theme of mine. We often fear the unknown, and still we are driven to explore,

‘Fuel of excellence’ required to Improve Life

Any researcher or scholar knows that bright ideas are a dime a dozen, especially on a campus full of bright people such as this one. For ideas that actually make an impact in the world, you need both the spark of innovation and the fuel of excellence. Ask Bonnie Mallard, a pathobiology professor in the